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Treatment Menu: Waxing

Contact Sarah New Window to make an appointment for one of Beauty Girl's waxing services, available exclusively from its Crofton Downs salon*.

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Beauty Girl Ltd - rose - web The best waxing services from Wellington's Waxing Lady!
Premium-quality waxing services with an emphasis on comfort, hygiene and great results

Many salons use cheaper and quicker strip-wax methods, but Sarah uses the hot-wax technique for sensitive areas such as Brazilian/bikini, underarm and facial waxing. This is the most gentle method of waxing, meaning less discomfort. It is also the most effective, meaning a much better final result and less chance of in-grown hairs or damage to the skin.

Beauty Girl also offers a special long-lasting supplementary treatment for waxing which utilises Thalgo's Biodepyl solutions. This hair-retardant programme slows regrowth, decreases hair density, targets in-grown hairs and reduces skin irritation.

Sarah's waxing is simply the best - satisfaction guaranteed!



Lip Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Lip Wax+ 


Chin Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Chin Wax+ 


Lip & Chin Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Lip & Chin Wax+ 



Underarm Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Underarm Wax+ 


Arm Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Arm Wax+ 



Half Leg Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Half Leg Wax+ 


¾ Leg Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last ¾ Leg Wax+ 


Full Leg Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Full Leg Wax+ 



Bikini Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Bikini Wax+ 



G-String Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last G-String Wax+ 


Brazilian Wax 

Biodepyl Long-Last Brazilian Wax+ 
Check out Beauty Girl's Specials New Window for a Brazilian package Hot Pink deal

+ Biodepyl Long-Last Programme also relies on application of purchased solution at home (see below)
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Thalgo Biodepyl
To increase time between waxes and get an even better end result

This amazing programme helps you achieve longer periods with smoother skin between hair removal treatments. The Biodepyl range helps address problems related to density, thickness and length associated with both unwanted hair and ingrown hair.

For example, proven results after leg waxing include:

  • Clinically tested reduction in hair regrowth by a third 1
  • 73% of women report less hair per follicle 2
  • 9 in 10 women report that skin feels softer for longer between waxing sessions 3

The Biodepyl system consists of three solutions: one for general use, another for sensitive areas and a third for prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs. You can also supplement these solutions with a complementary body shower scrub if you like.

After your hot wax in Beauty Girl's salon, the appropriate solution will be applied as part of your treatment. For the next 3 evenings at home following waxing, you then apply solution to the area yourself.

A personalised consultation and full guidance will be provided when you discuss the Biodepyl programme with Sarah.




Anti-Regrowth Solution 1 x 5ml vial 

Anti-Regrowth Solution 6 x 5ml vials 

Anti-Regrowth Solution - Sensitive
Areas 30ml 

Targets Ingrown Hairs 30ml 

Pink Sand Shower Scrub 200ml 

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Beauty Girl Ltd - rose - web Simply contact Beauty Girl for Sarah to provide you with a free personalised hair removal consultation.
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  1. Clinically tested average decrease in hair density on legs by 16 women, with results after 56 days of using Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution.
  2. Self-assessment by 16 women after 56 days of applying Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution.
  3. Self-assessment by 15 women after 28 days of applying Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution.

Source: Thalgo Cosmetic S.A.

*   Beauty Girl's treatment services are provided in its Crofton Downs salon only.
    Beauty Girl does not provide mobile or in-home treatment services.

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