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Thalgo Peeling Marine Facials

Effective results visible from the first treatment

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  Skin‑Renewal Treatments   
Wrinkles - Pores - Complexion - Tone

Peeling Marine Facials
The world's first marine-based cosmeceutical peel solution, rich in acids from fermented micronised marine algae, titrated into lactic acid.

These all-natural, completely safe and gentle ingredients progressively renew skin quality and deliver proven results on the telltale signs of skin‑ageing —

  • Wrinkles: whether first lines or deeper and more pronounced wrinkles exacerbated by sun exposure.
  • Pores: uneven skin texture or openly visible pores.
  • Skin tone: dull skin, uneven tone, dark spots, or lack of healthy skin plumpness.

Each treatment includes gentle pre-peel skin preparation plus cleansing, and application of neutraliser and moisturiser after the peel to soothe the skin.

For maximum effectiveness, Sarah also highly recommends the use of complementary products at home for a short period following your salon treatments. More information on these is provided below and Sarah will be happy to discuss them further with you.

Grade 1 - single 30-minute treatment: $105.00

Peeling Marine Facials

A single 30-minute treatment session during which a light dose is applied, consisting of Thalgo's micronised algae acids combined with glycolic acid.

Suitable as a standalone treatment to preserve younger skin or as the first stage in a programme for older skin showing signs of ageing.

Proven clinical study results*:

  • 96% reported a "new skin effect"
  • 96% oberved smoother skin
  • 100% noticed increased skin radiance
  • 87% enjoyed an improvement in skin plumpness
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Grades 1+2 - course of 2 x 30-minute treatments: $105.00 each

Peeling Marine Facials

The course begins with the Grade 1 treatment followed up by a second treatment the following week involving a medium-level dose of Thalgo's solution.

Designed for skin that is showing signs of age with respect to wrinkles, uneven skin texture and deteriorating tone.

Proven clinical study results*:

  • 78% reported less visible wrinkles
  • 78% oberved tightened pores
  • 78% noticed improved skin tone
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Grades 1+2+3 - course of 3 x 30-minute treatments: $105.00 each

Peeling Marine Facials

Following two weeks of Grade 1 and Grade 2 treatments, a third treatment is added using a stronger solution dose.

An intensive treatment aimed at skin that is older or has suffered from environmental and lifestyle effects, needing deeper action on wrinkles, tone and firmness.

Proven clinical study results*:

  • 10% fewer deep wrinkles
  • 85% oberved more even skin tone
  • 77% noticed skin firmness improved
  • 92% felt their skin was renewed
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Follow‑up Treatment Products
  for Home Use

For even more effect or for skin that is especially challenging, using these Thalgo products for at least a week after your Beauty Girl treatment programme will reinforce and further improve on your results —
  • Micro-Peeling Water Essence ~ water essence with a daily peeling effect to add to your "new skin effect": 125ml $125.30 $112.77
  • Intensive Resurfacing Night Serum ~ a serum containing high doses of acids from fermented micronised marine algae as well as glycolic and gluconic acids, for gentle continuation of peeling as you sleep: 30ml $246.80 $222.12
Intensive Resurfacing Night Serum

When last updated, prices above reflect Beauty Girl's guarantee to better RRP by at least 10%.

Clinical study under dermatological supervision conducted on twenty-three volunteers divided into three groups according to age and severity of the skin concerns, carrying out between one and three Peeling Marine treatments according to the Thalgo Cosmetic protocol.
Source: Thalgo Cosmetic S.A.