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Glycolic Peel Facials

Facials targeted at specific skin issues

Therapeutic Deep‑cleansing

Glycolic Peel Facials
When you need deep treatment, try these special facials, which use New Zealand-made Dr. Hill solutions for a deep cleanse and moisturise.

The facial ingredients include safe and effective glycolic and lactic acids. Both are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which have been used for centuries to rejuvenate and enrich skin.

AHA facials provide deep treatment for when the skin on your face needs some extra help, cleaning out pores and giving you a healthy, natural glow that feels great too.

30-minute Glycolic Peel Facial: $65.00

30-min Glycolic Peel Facial

A 30-minute "social peel" rejuvenation treatment which also minimises skin irritation.

This peel has no post-treatment downtime and will give you wonderful results without impact on your usual routine and social life. The treatment is a great way to help repair the loss of skin elasticity caused by ageing and environment.

Suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin, as well as problematic skin with enlarged pores, excessive oil production, blemishes, or inflammation.

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60-minute Glycolic Peel & Mask Facial: $90.00

60-min Glycolic Peel Facial

In addition to the 30-minute AHA facial, a specially selected mask based on your personal skin needs is applied after a relaxing facial massage to stimulate blood supply.

A great combination of peel cleansing with mask moisturisation, this facial will leave your skin feeling like new, deeply refreshed and moisturised.

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