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Back Skincare

Look after that long-forgotten area!

Back Cleanse & Moisturise Treatment

The treatment starts with a clean and an exfoliating scrub, followed by a glycolic peel to deeply cleanse and remove dead skin to leave a pleasant sensation and healthy glow.

Sarah then applies a mask especially suitable for the skin on your back.

Particular attention is given to any spots on your back such as blackheads and pimples, with the assistance of pleasantly hot towels to open the pores. The treatment also includes back massage, and a refreshing spray of Thalgo's lovely Marine Mist.

Sarah will finish off with a special Thalgo body moisturiser, leaving your back feeling just like new.

Full Back Treatment: $110.00

Just like a facial, but for your back, the complete treatment is applied while you relax in warmth on Beauty Girl's salon bed, which is fully adjustable for your comfort.

Sarah advises that you allow around an hour for this appointment.

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