Beauty Girl Ltd Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost important to us, so this page describes how we protect your identity when you deal with Beauty Girl.

Information Collection

Beauty Girl is the sole owner of the information collected on this website. We only collect personal information from you when you give us permission by making contact with us in order to email or telephone you back again.

To help make sure Beauty Girl is providing the sort of information you are likely to prefer, this site uses Google Analytics to anonymously report on traffic and usage of the site, as well as broad information on types of visitors based on information provided to Google (e.g. gender, age group, interests). However, that involves no personally identifiable information whatsoever that can be used to track back to you. Google's Privacy Policy New window contains further information.

Information Use and Storage

Beauty Girl neither collects nor stores sensitive financial information such as your credit card details. If you decide to provide credit card information to Beauty Girl (e.g. for a credit card purchase over the telephone), once the transaction is complete the information is securely destroyed and never copied or stored in any way.

The only personal information we collect from you is that which you decide to give to us in order to make contact. It may include any or all of: your name, your telephone number, your mobile number, your email address.

That information is used only by Beauty Girl to make contact with you. Your information is never shared with any third parties (unless required by law, of course).

Your information is used for personal contact regarding appointments, skincare consultation, etc. If you have explicitly requested it, your personal information may also on occasions be used for letting you know about special offers or relevant information that could interest you. You can opt out of any of this contact at any time (see the next section of this policy).

Any other use of information you may provide to Beauty Girl will be advised to you at the time you give that information to us.

The information you provide is transmitted via secure encrypted connections to be stored on Beauty Girl's protected computer systems, located in Wellington, New Zealand. The computer system and all back-ups are secured by encrypted password-only access and by up-to-date firewalls and virus protection.

Personal Information

You have the right to fully control Beauty Girl's storage and use of your personal information - you can check what information we hold, correct errors in that information, update the information if something changes, request that Beauty Girl no longer contact you about some things, or have your information completely removed from our systems.

Just let us know your request by sending an to Beauty Girl's administrator or by making contact New window any other way you prefer.

Changes to this Policy

Changes to Beauty Girl's Privacy Policy will be noted on this page, including a brief explanation of the changes made.

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